Events and exhibitions

Collection of drawings in FITÉ-2

Collection of drawings made with oil painting and graphite. Exhibition and sale in FITÉ-2 throughout the month of September 1017.

FITÉ - 2
Plaça Barcelona, 6 - Sabadell (Barcelona)

Mañanas: 9:30 a 13:30h. Tardes: 17:00 a 20:15h.
Sábados: 10:00 a 13:30h.

Group exhibition: June / July / August and September 2016

The exhibition takes place in MESTRAL art gallery and is valid during the months of June / July / August / September.
Mestral art gallery is located in the town of L'Escala (Girona) on the Costa Brava, an idyllic place for lovers of landscape.

Carrer del Port, 25, L'Escala (Girona)
Mornings: 11:30 to 13: 30h. Afternoons: 17:30 to 21: 00h.

Sugrañes / Exhibition of paintings landscapes and seascapes

The exhibition takes place in Fite -2 (Sabadell) and is valid throughout the month of December 2014.
In this solo exhibition, I present the latest works in landscape and marine subjects.

Fite - 2
Plaça Barcelona, 6 - Sabadell (Barcelona)
Mornings: 9:30 to 13: 30h. Afternoons: 17:00 to 20: 15h
. Saturday: 10:00 to 13: 30h.